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  • ABSA - TOP 4 - absa-jhb-building-wrap
  • ABSA - TOP 4 - absa-ort-airport-advertising (1)
  • ABSA - TOP 4 - absa-hayde-park-mega-signs
  • ABSA - TOP 4 - absa-ort-airport-advertising (2)
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Behind the scenes

Wideopen Production provides an advertising signage solution to suit both client and building requirements. We offer a full signage solution that works within all client and building parameters.
Our product range includes large format printed PVC, mesh and unobtrusive one-way glass executions with night illuminations. A light framing system attached to the building structure allows Wideopen to wrap any building in its entirety with continuous creative applications.


Arms Wideopen, a subsidiary of Wideopen Platform, is where business and social impact meet achieving massive exposure for brands, by integrating them into the hearts and minds of the people through Cause-Related Marketing.

Cause-Related Marketing offers an exciting alternative ito conventional marketing by pairing the brand with initiatives that share its intrinsic values. This type of marketing does not replace traditional media, but rather offers a social awareness angle via physical branding in the outdoor space.

In this way, Arms Wideopen uses it’s extensive network to develop bespoke projects for brands; designing a turnkey strategy that marries the brand, the cause and the mechanics required to activate the project into a highly successful campaign thereby boosting consumer opinion and creating a real positive change in our country.

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